Dr. Nelson M Bryant, PhD, Liberty University.

Nelson Bryant (PhD, FNP-C, MSN/MBA) joined Liberty University in 2022 and completed a Ph.D. (Health Sciences). He is a board-certified family nurse practitioner. His areas of interest include family practice, primary care, and health promotion.

Dr. Bryant is an assistant professor of nursing at Arizona College of Nursing, a population health clinician with academic training in health sciences, advanced practice nursing, business management, and human rights. His doctoral research project focused on strategies to improve cardiovascular disease screening and management using mobile health technologies and telemedicine. Dr. Bryant co-founded NB Digital Health to house the research and progressive debates to promote digital health equity.

God is more interested in our spiritual success and salvation than our financial or professional accomplishments. I believe every minute we breathe is an opportunity to glorify Him. He is gracious to each of us regardless of our differences. God doesn't necessarily answer our prayers because we are nice people, but because He is compassionate and faithful. He just wants us to be successful and creates opportunities for us to help others achieve their dreams.

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Thank you, and be blessed.

Dr. Bryant