Bridging the gap: mHealth wearables research to promote equity.

Have you ever wondered how to promote digital health equity? How about starting with mobile health (mHealth) wearable devices accessible to 1/3 of Americans? How can all population groups in the US benefit from these devices to achieve better health outcomes?



have smart devices – (Pew Research Center, 2021).


Million Americans

use mHealth devices for better health outcomes.


Million Americans

own smartwatches & fitness trackers (Holko et al., 2022).

215 M


have no access to mHealth wearables – Vaidya (2023).

Our Research

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Minority groups focus

Many high-profile studies tend to leave out minority groups in their research activities. It is time to change the trend.

Digital determinants of health

Internet access, literacy, mHealth wearable devices use are important digital health determinants.

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Data collection process competed! Thank you for all of you who participated in the survey.

Local community focus

A small, self-funded initiative to promote digital health equity locally with a community perspective.

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Research Invitation

This study could answer your questions about mHealth wearable use to promote health equity in minority groups. The results are in soon!

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Participating in the study improved hypertension awareness and management using mHealth wearable devices.

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We thank everyone who signed the consent to participate in this research. We are thrilled to inform you that the data collection process is complete.

Why Digital Health Research?

The numbers tell the truth.

1 in 3 Americans use mHealth wearable devices to promote their health conditions management.

  • 215 million Americans have no access to mHealth wearable devices.
  • 15% Americans have no smart devices
  • Minority groups are more likely not to have access to mHealth wearables.

Research Team

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Dr. Nelson M. Bryant, PhD

Primary Investigator

K. T.

Research director

K. F.

Associate reseArcher

I. P.

ASSOCIATE investigator


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mHealth Wearables

Making smartwatches and fitness trackers accessible to everyone is our goal.

Why Digital Health Equity?

We cannot wait. The time is now.