God’s strategies vs human thoughts

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                                                                                                             God’s strategies vs human thoughts       

God’s strategies are 1 trillion way more than we think.

Despite our advanced human discoveries in science, technology, medicine, business, astronomy, and arts; we can never measure up to God’s ingenuity. I feel so humbled before the Lord. God does NOT have 1000 ways, but 134 nonillion ways by considering the distance between the earth and the galaxy GN-z11.

It seemed like an impossible situation for Israelites to reach the promised land after getting out of Egypt. They themselves seemed perplexed. Under God’s direction, they appeared to be “wandering around the land in confusion.” What puzzled the Egyptians was that they placed themselves in a situation with no apparent escape.

The Israelites might have looked trapped, but the Egyptians didn’t realize they were following an amazing strategy designed by God. In fact, the Israelites themselves didn’t really understand His plan. After all, they were unarmed, trapped between a great army and a massive body of water. Justifiably, many Israelites were bewildered and afraid. Some wished they had stayed in Egypt. Many were prepared to give up!

No person could have conceived of God’s plan or acted in the way He designed. But His plan worked perfectly and led to a total victory.

The Israelites could not have known that the Egyptians themselves were full of fear (Exodus 15:14-16). They sensed that Israel’s God was special. More than forty years later, the people of Jericho admitted hearing how He “dried up the water of the Red Sea.” They marveled at how God saved His people (Joshua 2:10).

Like the Israelites, we may feel vulnerable, inadequate, and hopeless. It’s easy to be discouraged or filled with despair. But these are moments to turn to God, cry out for His wisdom, stand on His Word, believe His promises, and trust Him to provide everything we need.

The Bible teaches that He is the God of miracles. He may allow us to experience seemingly impossible situations, so we learn to depend on Him and not on ourselves.

No matter what you face today, don’t allow fear or doubt to cripple you. Commit the situations you face to God. Then have faith. Believe His Word. He is on your side. With His help, you can be victorious in any situation. That was true for Israel as they faced Pharaoh’s army. And it’s true for you in all of the circumstances you face.

Trust God in the situations you face. Commit your ways to Him. Seek His wisdom. Ask for His strategies. You may not understand His plans, but you can trust Him, even in conditions that seem impossible and with unexpected methods.

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